Michael Gomes Vieira

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I live in London and I'm currently working at Just Eat Takeaway as a Data Scientist. In my role as a Data Scientist I develop algorithms to automate decision making processes for the business. You can find my CV here. 📄

I previously worked at Sainsbury's for over three years and have worked on a variety of projects using many different technologies.

There are three projects that I'm proudest of during my time at Sainsbury's: a Substitutions algorithm that uses linear programming to optimise substitutes in online orders so that rejections are minimised, while constraining the value of partial refunds given; a Prioritisation algorithm that recommends to in-store colleagues which cages of delivered stock should be replenished first; and, a Shopper Feedback algorithm that identifies the topics that the shopper has mentioned and classifies whether their feedback was positive or negative. 👨‍💻

I mainly write code in Python and SQL. All of the algorithms that I have built at Sainsbury's are written as Python packages with environment management using Poetry and include extensive tests of the functions that have been written. The core suite of Python libraries that I use are: pandas, numpy, scikit-learn, matplotlib, seaborn, ortools. Any exploratory analysis that I do is done in Jupyter Notebooks.

One of the biggest challenges that I face in my role is influencing my colleagues, and sometimes even myself. I have a strong interest in design and take a lot of care in the design of what I'm working on. Whether that be keeping to high coding standards and writing clear documentation to make it easy for colleagues and for future me to continue to work on a project, or in the design of data visuals that tell a clear and compelling story to business stakeholders. 📊

Outside of work my favourite thing to do is to practice my football skills. Me and my girlfriend play for a team in a weekly 5-a-side co-ed football league every Wednesday evening. You can usually find me in goal, although sometimes I will embarass myself playing outfield. ⚽️

I'm a big Fantasy Premier League fan. My best ever finish was 2382 out of 7 million FPL players in the 2019/20 season. 🏆

Back in 2017 I started to learn programming in Java. I haven't done any programming in Java for a while now, but I like to continue to learn new programming skills. I have been learning web development since 2019. You can find out more about my web development projects and other projects here. 💾

I am a bit of an amateur investor (don't ask me anything on technicals), I like thinking about trends in society and which companies are best placed to take advantage of them. Recently, I read the book You're Not Listening by Kate Murphy which discussed how the prevalence of earphone usage was damaging our hearing. Since then I have been waxing lyrical about investing in companies that make hearing aids. My stock tip, for anyone who is interested, is a company called Sonova. 📈

I'm also a massive information addict and will occasionally fritter away an hour or two on Wikipedia. I love reading books and tend to read several concurrently. I'm currently reading: 📚
- Stillness and Speed: My Story by Dennis Bergkamp
- Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari
- The Great Demographic Reversal by Charles Goodhart and Manoj Pradhan